Marika Sila

Hoop Dancer. Actress. Fire Performer. Yoga Instructor

Marika is an Inuit artist, actress, yoga teacher, fire performer and youth facilitator that has toured across Canada, the U.S and Europe. Marika is proud to represent her Inuvialuit heritage, and being a positive Indigenous role model is one of Marika’s top priorities. Marika strongly believes in the power of sobriety and has been drug and alcohol free for 5 years since finding her passion in 2013. Through her committed daily practice, Marika has quickly become one of Canada's top performers and was recently voted the 2017 Canadian Hooper of the Year. Marika is currently on tour with RedPath Talent performing, hosting youth camps and empowerment workshops worldwide. Marika is sponsored by Moodhoops and is proud to be a Nike N7 Influencer.

Her story was recently featured on the front page of the Rocky Mountain Outlook. The full article can be found at